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The East York Foundation was established in 1965 by then township Reeve True Davidson by the passing of provincial legislation. This was done in order to protect and preserve the cultural holdings and artifacts of the township of East York. Since that time the legislation has been updated to include the former Village of Leaside and the Borough of East York in 1967. In 2004 the City of Toronto formally recognized the East York Foundation as being the official custodian of cultural artifacts from the period it was a borough and township.

Today the foundation owns and manages an extensive collection of art, sculpture, rare books and documents related to the former borough and is operated by a board of directors made up of East York residents. The foundation also works with the City of Toronto in order to preserve the collection as professionally as is possible.

This collection prides itself in including a diverse range of amateur and professional paintings by local residents, some of whom were members of the famous "Group of Seven". The holdings of the EY Foundation can be viewed at Todmorden Mills, S.Walter Steward Library and the East York Civic Centre. The EY Foundation is equally dedicated to the promotion of many community events, such as it's support of East York's Agnes McPhail award. The EY Foundation also welcomes the donations of current artwork and artifacts that are connected to East York, be they historical or current events.

For more information please contact Raymond White, the Chair of the EY Foundation board of directors, at 416-696-1537 or Joseph Cooper, Director of Public Relations for the board, at 647-222-3634.


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